Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 is HERE

For us down here this is so true that the flame is about out on

and I suppose this was a up and down year for myself with health issues, job and a few more other things which I am hoping are sorted out a bit but would not be alone with that as many are still in a worse position than me .
The best thing all year was getting a job again to keep my head above water so to speak.
A lot of motorcycling away trips were cut down to nill really as finances and the need to put more into the new job was the 1st priority but am hoping that changes now that things are getting sorted .

So to all a happy new year and hope to all of yourselves and families enjoy it


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    1. thanks and the same back to you and family

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    1. must be 2017 now so welcome to the new year

  3. Happy new year Peter to you and the family.


    1. same to you steve and family
      hope you didnt play up to much

  4. A very happy and healthy new year to you and your family Peter. All the best from across the pond.

    1. hope you and family have a great 1 as well and enjoy it