Monday, September 26, 2016


Yeh ducks are around and there been busy and are probably seen all around the world doing this

crossing across the road with there ducklings

Now I like ducks but really give me a break from the stupidity of people who are driving around the roads with us .
On a ride today and on a freeway doing 110kph [62mph] roughly and had a slip lane coming into where I was so looking for any problems with that and a glance up and all the cars in front were hard on the brakes and to a stop in front of me .
thank goodness for ABS and some fancy dodging of cars and as i got passed the front ones they were stopped for a damn duck family deciding to cross on a unmarked crossing .Now i am not against ducks but causing a mass pile up for that is just irresponsible to the max .

All I could do was shake my head at the ones that had started it and as usual they just looked oblivious to what they were causing behind them but they were probably proud they saved a duck.
No wonder there are multiple car accidents all the time on busy roads .


 end of rant

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Something a bit off topic but I seem to be bemused by the stupidity of truck drivers who ignore road signs and road warnings of the hazards ahead for there large vehicles.
Now I do have a heavy vehicle licence so do know what to look for when driving in a strange area for the 1st time but it seems a lot don't.

This picture just appeared on a forum I'm on and had me shaking my head .

now thats a bit of a predicament and glad I dont have to use that road in a hurry.

Then when your out riding on some of the dirt roads around the areas it pays to be ready for the unexpected all the time as your never sure what is around the next corner .Maybe a car coming towards you or on your side of the road or 

yes just let me past stupid 


a B-DOUBLE truck with the trailer over the edge and he is going nowhere.
Apparently he was taking a short cut he saw on a map but had passed a number of signs stating that the road ahead was not suitable for trucks but still headed off to disaster.
this was Araluen road ------------------Araluen to Moruya  blocked for a while so am sure that people using it were a bit peeved off.

From what I heard it cost a lot to crane him out of that position then he had 60 odd klm to go on the same and he was to unhitch the 2nd trailer and do it in 2 trips to get out  . 

THEN one of the best but its a crap picture not showing the whole road scene was this idiot

ok the road is all dirt and to explain [Swallow tail pass road ]Marulan to Taralga
he has just crossed a creek then a hairpin to the right which was a struggle to get around then he had a small straight only just longer than the truck itself WHERE HE IS STUCK in the picture and is now trying to do a L/H hairpin with a very steep rise on it but is totally jammed .
the track showing there is what 4wd and bikes just use to be idiots not the road .He had to go through a few farm gates to even get to this part of the road so dont know the outcome as had to turn around and do some big klm;s to detour to my destination so was not impressed. 

So never expect to have a smooth run to somewhere and be ready for a laugh and take a picture of idiots who share our roads

Friday, September 23, 2016



they had there use but are now a pest
Camels that is what I meant.
To go along with the previous post of the outback australian pests I mentioned camels which although I still haven't seen one live out there I have heard 1st hand stories of there presence there.

There are about 750,000 roaming wild in the outback and they cause a host of problems. Camels were imported to Australia in the 19th century from Arabia, India and Afghanistan for transport and heavy work in the outback.
The very first camel to ever set foot on the red Australian soil arrived in 1840 and came from the Canary Islands. (This was a somewhat unlucky camel, as it accidentally caused its owners death and was subsequently shot...)
The first camel was soon followed by others. 24 more camels arrived in Australia in 1860 to be part of the Bourke and Wills expedition. And in the next fifty years an estimated 10 000 to 12 000 camels made their way to Australia. 
Dont get me wrong in that they were a need to open up and explore the Australian outback .But since they have been let out wild they have prospered to the plague levels  of today and are really causing problems.

they were a tough lot to be travelling and working in those conditions.
To much to try to write so have a link about the camels in australia below.

from what I can find out this scene is getting a common thing out there now.

More and more herding and killing is happening it seems from the reading I have done.

lot more food menus around now are listing this as well so may help reduce the large herds .

Thursday, September 22, 2016



Australia has a Kangaroo and a Emu on there national emblem.
Both have there place but also some believe both are now a pest in plague proportions.Now without causing a argument about that statement I have my own views on it and will post it here .
Yep when you go away from the major capital cities your going to run into them on the road for sure and on a bike they are even worse to come across .
I speak from experience with accidents from both but mainly kangaroos when living in the country.

A lot of forums now are reporting the rise of plague proportion emu;s now and there is a lot more accidents as there fast and stupid it seems and just commit suicide running in front of you or even into you .
So yes I believe at the moment they are in plague proportions and are hurting the landscape by over population.
why would we want this sign if they were not a problem
so the kangaroo

A typical road scenario when your out west .Damn scary when your doing a 100kph [60mph] and come around a corner and even worse if they are in full flight going across the road from the side .

 so then you get the Emu also commonly known as a 
bush chook

so they are singular
  in there gang mode which is more common as a adult and chicks which are more crazy

 and they dont seem to last in the group when being on the road.
 and the reason for the whole post is I was sent a link to this 



1 last insight is that we now eat our national emblems 
Yep kangaroo and emu on the menu 
Do not think there is another country doing that is there.

oh it is good to eat have tried both a few times 

Now nearly forgot Australia now have these as well which are causing the same problem but are even more dangerous but there a different story and post .


Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Lefty or a Righty
No not what you write with but what side of the road you DRIVE ON.
Have been asking myself why we drive on the opposite sides of the roads throughout the world so looked it up to find a answer.
What started it was a sign I saw here and wondered what it was about

then a few bike pictures I have seen on peoples bikes sometimes show they have put a large arrow on there screen pointing either left or right reminding them which side of the road to travel on which seems a simple solution if your a world traveler.

world map shows which side of the road traffic drives on. Green coloured countries drive on the right, orange countries drive on the left. As you can see, most former British colonies, with some exceptions, drive on the left side of the road, whereas the United States of America, Latin American countries and European countries drive on the right. Almost always, in countries where one drives on the right-hand side of the road, the cars are built so that the driver sits on the left-hand side of the car. Conversely, driving on the left-hand side of the road usually implies that the driver’s seat is on the right-hand side of the car.

seems that it gets even more complicated as well with the metric/imperial speed zones etc etc
so found a wiki link about more to this craziness we have . 

I personally would find it a bit daunting to drive on the other side of the road to what I was bought up with but a lot do adapt to the change.
SO how would you feel travelling on the opposite side to what your used to being on.