Wednesday, December 7, 2016


When it comes down the rain it really can cause problems out on the roads and I know that I am not alone in having to put up with this kind of weather and flooding as it happens everywhere.
Found some old pics on a memory card that was hidden away of a flood rain event that occurred when I was at work in another job.
The skies were fine then it just came over and dropped everything it could in such a short time that there was flooding and chaos on the roads everywhere.
Pictures of it when we were trying to get back to the depot to finish work and then try to get home in my car as we could hear on the radio that there was a lot of flooding on the route I had to use to go home .
Mother nature can be a vicious thing sometimes and definitely must be respected

on the way back to the wok depot
glad we in a large truck

that was all over probably 20-30 klms of road so yeh it was pretty crazy and glad I wasnt caught out on the bike in it .
In the car on the way home it was one of the worst trips I had with the water over roads and always amazes on how people drive like idiots in that sort of weather as evident in the pics I got of the car upside down on a road that is straigt and a hwy 

 yellow car on the roof.

 and yep I let him go thru as he was in a hurry.
Just glad I was not on the bike for the ride home or in the actual downpour at all .

Monday, December 5, 2016


 picture cleanup and came across a few of these so----------------------------
We are lucky enough to have some strange animals down here that are not found any where else in the world.
A shame really that we just take them for granted and dont realise what everyone else may want to see in a weirdo animal.
the kangaroo

wont even try to explain about the damn thing as I am sure that Mr Google can do a much better job that me.
anyways its a common sight I see on my rides and found a few pics of them and will share

 right beside a farm house and not a care in the world

 see how they like to sit /stand on the edge of the road

 crap pic but them in flight
oh and a stupid wombat decided to walk around in the day light 
and I thought they were just a nocturnal critter which will make me look a bit more out and about in the country roads 

phone pics thats why there a bit funny in colour
and on closer inspection of him as you can see I got close to him he did not look well at all so maybe the reason he was out in the daylight me thinks

and a while back in the rain we came across a baby one that was very sickly as well so left him be as had no way to get him to a wildlife refuge
and thats the way of the aussie weirdo animals

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Well above sea level anyway and a few pics from the hills
2 different cameras and just trying a few things

below a view down to 7 mile beach
a bit overcast but will be there again and the weather may play nice 

the 2 below you can see 4 helicoptors flying in the cloud bank on the left 

and a not so good try at a panorama picture

[need a tripod]
so just a few out and abouts enjoying the sunshine

Saturday, December 3, 2016

lawns & xmas trees #2

So the front needed a bit of a trim up to make things look respectable and its fun mowing the lawn
Yeh I wish but alas its just a

and on the way around I really noticed how the NSW CHRISTMAS BUSH had to look it up to see what it was called MORE HERE  had really flowered this year after I gave it a trim a while back to get it under control a bit and also hoped I didn't kill the thing as I am not much of a gardener .

 it has really started to turn the vibrant red that does.

1 pic a while back has gone missing but it looks a bit like this for a while 
then the red comes through.
We do get a lot of people wanting to get a few cuttings of the flowers for xmas decorations and always come and ask so its fine with us.
the ones that are not welcome are the ones who destroy it 
the culprit below just snips the flowers off and lets them fall to the ground for no reason .
although they are a so called nice native bird they are very destructive in a lot of damage to around the house items .

the lemon tree culprit that stripped the tree of all lemons

the latest deterrent for the bird attack is one of these and doesn't this really annoy them and gets them squawking and flying off quick smart.

non lethal but a lot of fun to annoy the flying pests.
So that was a saturday done and dusted .
Time for a ride tomorrow 

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Well the 1st of December and got told that its time to get this organised as was the right date for this to happen and given the pics of what should be achieved.
which sounded like a task that should be fairly easy so I was told.

I went out found loaded and put it up

didnt seem to look as good when it was erected and decorated

 then got told as we are down the bottom of the world  it was wrong so a quick fix and the result seemed fine to me

 so thats 1 job down